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Easy setup

Includes all necessary devices for car cleaning such as vacuum, towel division, mat washing area, low pressure guns etc.


Functıonal control panel

Functional control panel that enables to control all operations from a single point. Emergency button, liquid level indicator, user friendly design with illuminated control buttons that show operating status.


Envıronmental frıendly desıgn

It would provide energy saving up to %80 with environment friendly design and thus it contributes to pass natural resources to future generations

  • Totally 76.000 liters of water saving until now.

Our differences


service 1

Project-Oriented Design

Machine design specialized by customer needs.

service 2

Great Saving

Save time and natural resources with innovative solutions.

service 3

Excellent Service

Provide high quality cleaning service.

Have you seen our projects?

project climatelaunchpad

İTÜ Climatelaunchpad Competition

We have accomplished ITU Climatelaunchped competition successfully

project radyo

We have something to say radio broadcasting

project gazete

“Green Solution for Car Wash”

We have annouced our name in Turkey on a paper with headline of “Environmental Solution for Car Wash”

project roportaj

An interview with Turkish Anadolu Agency at TTO Depark

For reading interview, please click.

project t-dep

T-DEB Workshop

We had invited UK business exchange development in Turkey

project climate

Climate Launchpad Turkey competition

OTTO is the one of the best 12 projects of Turkey.

project sosyal

Ratings from social media

Car clubs share our quality.

project izka

Dokuz Eylül University location

OTTO Car cleaning services has started operations in Dokuz Eylul University

project izka

IZKA Greentech meeting presentation

We had invited of Greentech meeting and presented OTTO project to leading companies such as Ford, Inci Holding, Tupras etc..

project bambu

BAMBU – Start-up acceleration programme

We were the winner of Demoday project competition

project 1

Car cleaning solutions for corporate car fleets

Companies lost too much time and money for organizing their car cleaning. With our system they don’t have to send their cars to the car washing areas. With this method they save money and minimize the risk.

project 2


project 3

Car cleaning modules for parking garages.

Home owners can clean their cars when they want to do it. Because we have car cleaning modules for parking garages. For more information please call us.

project 4

Ambulance cleaning and disinfection modules

We know the importance of time for ambulances. Additionally exterior and interior cleaning is essential for them. Our machines can easily clean ambulances at hospital car parks. For more information please call us.

project 9

IGEC Turkey

We were Turkey finalist.



With our machine experts can clean all car outside and rims without any waste.Therefore experts can give better service.

Press for watching video

project 7


project 6

Special designed car cleaning modules for hotels

We designed special car cleaning modules for hotels. They can give additional car cleaning services and increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

project 8

Shopping trolley cleaning and disinfection systems

Our machine can clean and disinfect shopping trolleys which has huge amount of bacteria and virus

project 9


  • Tüvsüd-dexpert-ekspertiz-expertiz-expert


    Car cleaning device for car experts

  • project climatelaunchpad

    Climate Launch Pad Competition

    Semi finalist of Climate Launch Pad

  • project radyo

    "We have something to say"

    We were hosted by a radio broadcasting.

  • project gazete

    Environmental Solution

    Newspaper article

  • project roportaj

    Turkish Anadolu Agency at DEU

    An interview with Turkish Anadolu Agency

  • project t-dep

    T-DEB Workshop

    UK Business exchange programme

  • project climate


    Turkey project selection

  • project sosyal

    Vosvos İzmir

    Social media shares

  • project hizmet

    Dokuz Eylül University

    Depark Location

  • project izka


    Greentech Meeting Presentation

  • project bambu

    Start-up acceleration training

    We were the winner of project competition

  • project 1

    Mobile Car Cleaning Modules

    Cleaning of corporate cars on site

  • project 2



  • project 3

    Customized production capability

    Car cleaning modules for parking garages.

  • project 4

    Disinfection Modules

    Ambulance disinfection modules

  • project 6


    Unique solutions for hotels

  • project 7



  • project 8


    Shopping trolley disinfection systems

  • project 9



  • project 10

    IGEC Turkey


About us

We were started car cleaning services with OTTO brand since 2014. This Project is about car cleaning which they are at parking area. For implement it, we are using customized designed car cleaning equipment. Without any noise, odor and waste we can clean all interior and exterior car areas


  • Water consumption per one car wash (4L)

  • Electric consumption per one car wash (0,1kW/h)

  • Chemical consumption per one car wash (10ml)

  • Time for one car cleaning (30min)


When you wash your car 5 times with high pressure car washing system you have to know that; you consume annual drinking water of a 5 years old child. We will be pleased to feel your support while we are trying our best for saving our water and environment


2/20 Sokak No:26 3. Bölge Begos Buca İzmir

0090 533 925 99 41

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